About us...2009

We started trying for a family after being present at the birth of a very good friend’s daughter, Elyanna Linton. It was hands down one of the most amazing experiences I have ever been a part of. That was back in September 2007. That was when trying was fun, and there was not heartache at the end of every month, no daily ultrasounds, blood work and HCG shots.

As of January 2010 we are currently taking a few steps back from our fertility clinic. Aaron is in school currently and we are focusing on that. We are in the early stages of adoption through Halton CAS and are awaiting the word that we will be accepted to PRIDE training in March 2010 or September 2010. I am also starting in April at a fertility based acupuncture and natropath clinic in Toronto and really looking forward to it. Our next step at our fertility clinic (ISIS) is IVF. We must save up to $12,000 before we move onto IVF first. We are hoping not to have to, but whatever road leads us to parenthood, we are ready and up for it J

This road has not been an easy one; I think last summer was the hardest part for us both. Failed cycle after failed cycle it really took a toll on us, but it did bring us closer together. We are forever changed in our outlooks on life, fertility and parenting.

Mom and Dad, our family and friends have been helpful and supportive. We could not have made it through the past few years without your love and support. We do understand it can be hard when you do not know what words to offer. A perfect saying would be “When you feel most alone, remember the silent majority quietly watching you and waiting with you for this hell to pass. They don’t have the right words, but they are there behind you, waiting and hoping”

I am beyond thankful for the amazing site IVF.ca. I have gained support, understanding and amazing friendships with women who truly understand the heartache, the ups and downs of infertility. Take a look at our pictures of our meet ups we have had.

A few inspiring words a friend told me are “Believe, wish, hope and create”

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