Friday, May 28, 2010

Been a while...U/S #2

Have not had the urge to blog or update…Really odd for me.

A few things have happened in the last few weeks. Today I am 7 weeks 5 days along. We had our 2nd U/S on Wed, watching that heart flicker away was the most breath taking thing I have ever seen. The bean actually looks more and more like a bean as time goes on.

We have one more U/S in two weeks, and then the next one will be for our IPS testing…For the friends that read this, what should I expect?

The morning sickness seems to have left *knock on wood* – woohoo – that week was horrible :( The acne though really likes to stick around LOL…Hoping that goes away after the three month mark too. I always thought I would embrace morning sickness and be happy to feel like crap because at least I am pregnant – not so much. I realized I should not have judged until you are in that position. I tried to keep a smile on my face but it is hard when you feel like crap 24/7…But I know I am blessed…just kept telling myself that this is a good thing. Apparently a study done by the Sick Kids Hospital in TO did a study, the more morning sickness you have the smarter the baby :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Granola bars are my friend

So last week I wanted to feel sick, so I would feel pregnant...I think I wished too soon. I have been gagging for three days. Nothing comes up, but I wish it would. I tend to feel better once I throw up.

Granola really seems to be the only thing I can eat during the AM.

Tonight is plain pasta with a little cheese...the only thing that sounds appetizing to me now :)

Glad I have so many friends who have been through this to help me along :)

XX to my miracle bean

Friday, May 14, 2010

Life had other plans for us...

So two weeks ago Saturday I had a feeling that I could be pregnant...That is the 1st time in over a year that I have thought that. I figured since we were going to a friends house for a night of drinking and taking a taxi home, I thought, what the hey, I am late, I should test. I used the last test in my Costco club pack, and much to my amazment...


I cried out for Aaron who was still in bed because we were both going to work that morning, and I got up early to test. We both shared a moment that I will never forget - 3 years and we finally saw TWO pink lines. We both had a short kiss and OMG we are going to be parents moment and went off to work...I was in a daze of happiness that day, as was Aaron. We kind of wanted to get a bottle of champange to toast, but thought that might be a bad idea ;)

So fast forward to today...



We are in such amazment of our could not be better :)

More updates to follow...