Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OB appt

I went to our first OB appt at the Milton office. I still feel very comfortable there. Our doctor seems very sweet and caring, and the nurse that I met with was amazing! She went over every step with me. She gave me a time line of when certain appts should be, and prenatal classes in the area and what we will be doing each and every appt.

The doctor did the babies heart beat 1st thing, which was amazing!! 150 beats per minute…it was sooooo comforting to hear the heartbeat again! Again, I wish I had one of those machines at my house too J The baby actually kicked and I could hear it LOL it was adorable…

The problem I had today was a big one. If you have been following our story for the past 3 years you would know we went to A. Fertility. To sum it all up quickly, Dr C preformed the saline test incorrectly and told me my tubes were blocked, which in turn resulted in surgery, or IVF…we chose the surgery step first before handing over $10,000 - $15,000. After the surgery when I went for my follow up, Dr M told me my tubes were not blocked, go figure, and he gave me the WRONG PATIENTS results. I still have a copy at home. And if you have known for a long time, you know what issues that brought up from my past…

Fast forward to today…When I was going over what drs are involved with this OB office, I found out that Dr C works there, and has a 20% chance of delivering our miracle. I know she was the one that preformed an out of date test on me, that does not even confirm if you have blocked tubes, and with the whole fiasco at A. fertility…I am not sure if I want to take that chance. The nurse who was amazing, because we spoke in length about this dr and that clinic and what happened, said I could request not to see her and request one of the other 4 drs be there when we deliver.

Where does this leave me? I have an appt with the other OB I am looking at in Credit Valley hospital…so I guess we will decide then.

The nurse also urged me to contact and file a complaint against that clinic…maybe I will

Anyways…I heard the heartbeat of our miracle, and that keeps me smiling!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

DH has gone camping...

I cried like a baby when he left, I think I almost had him in tears...I think he was rethinking going...but everything was bought and paid for...It was my decision not to go, well, kinda both of ours...with the heat and humidity, and sleeping in a tent, getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night... and the heat has always made me sick and get headaches...which I am battling right now...

You know when you see someone everyday, you kind of take it for granted...I miss my DH so much right now it actually hurts :( Everytime I think of missing him, I want to cry...In the 10 years we have been together, 5 of those married...we have only been apart three times...and this time seems more hard...maybe it is the hormones lol...He has called me already, and I have called him...every stop they made, he called :) When he left, he kissed me and my belly...tears...

I will include a pic of my wonderful DH and I...This was our camping trip last year...I was cycling at the time and could not drink...I think I was 5 DPIUI here...

I love you babe!!! Counting down the hours until Sunday when I can wrap my arms around you and kiss you again...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

He is so in love already

So today we had a bunch of plans, etc - but we had a spare few minutes to head to babies r us to check out our stroller is 150 off this week...but we wanted to make sure it fit in the trunk of my they let us take it out and check, yup, it fits :)

We ran around with the registry gun and added to our registry - have to still update it online so don't go checking it out lol

We are buying thr stroller this week - woohoo, it is so so nice...

Back to my title, Aaron said he got a lump in this throat shopping for all this baby stuff and tears in his eyes...he said he is just so happy and excited...I still can't believe we are shopping for our baby!!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Turning a chapter

I loved mostly every moment while on but it is time to start the new chapter in my life.
Yesterday I put in "notice" that I am stepping down as mod and going to be concentrating on my natural miracle that has blessed us. I think this is for the best...time wise and stress wise.

Not that I have not loved certain parts and people on this site, this site has been a life saver in many ways. I will never forget the weekend in November when Karolyn came and we had a few meet-ups. I have made certain friendships that I hope will last a lifetime and I owe that all to


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just a few recent pics

Every Sunday when we hit another week in my pregnancy, Aaron will take a picture...
Here are 2 from 13 weeks this past Sunday.
Going now to start filling out the babies Beatrix Potter pregancy/baby book :)
PS - Thank god I shrunk those shorts...way too loose looking when the shirt is up LOL

Saturday, July 3, 2010

IPS Testing...

So I went for my #4 U/S and blood work...for my IPS testing. They took 5 vials of blood and I survived!!! I thought for sure I would pass out, worried about the blood work for days, wondering if I could get out of it (gotta love GAD) but I did it and I feel great that I did it :)

The U/S was amazing. The tech, who was SUPER nice, showed me everything about the baby, who she commented was super active :) Made me happy. The baby even waved at me :)

Our next U/S is in August I believe...Aaron will be coming to that one. I am so glad I can at least show him pictures because he can not always get the time off work.

PS - Our baby has a cute button nose :)

I will take a pic of the u/s pic and post it later on...