Thursday, December 15, 2011

I can't believe it sometimes

That I have my miracle, that I wanted for so long.  I can't believe she will be one in 10 days!  I can't believe my mat leave is almost over.  I can't believe she is ours. 

I really do not want to go back to work, leave her for a few days a week.  It breaks my heart, but I know I have to.  It is only 2-3 days a week, really how hard can it be? VERY HARD!  We are in a great routine, and I am here for her every need.  This past week I am trying to wean her of the 9ish boob and replace it with a bottle of rice milk.  Some days are better than others, others I just want to give her the boob because I know that is what she wants and needs...but I wont help the situation if I do.  It should be easier knowing she is going to my Mom's, but either way, I have to leave her, and it sucks!!!

I will post some professional pics of her 1st birthday party soon...she is cutting teeth 7 & 8!!!  Addison is also trying soooo hard to walk.

Grama and Grampa are leaving for Jamaica tomorrow morning at 5 AM!!  First time alone in over 35 years, some people take trips yearly, not my parents, they chose a different life style...and I am so happy for them!  They deserve it!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

First Birthday Party

It is a day we both thought we might never get - our babies first birthday!!
We chose to do Addison's party in the beginning of December because of her birthday being on Christmas, so that way everyone could come and enjoy.  It was a wonderful day.  Addison loves Mickey Mouse club house, so of course that was our theme!! 
My parents took her for the day on Saturday so we could clean and decorate the house!  Her reaction to Mickey Mouse everywhere in her house was priceless!  She was so excited!

One of our long time friends, Michelle, went above and beyond, and made Addison a blanket, with our family jeans (mine, Daddy's, Grama and Grampas), and flannel patches, and she even photographed Addison's party! 
Michelle, I can not even put into words how special this was to us, and each time I think of your card, it makes me get tears in my eyes...thank you for everything, and you are so very special to our family.  We love you.

The party was a hit, and everyone seemed to have such a good time!  Addison didn't like the cake, I swear she isn't my child, and she only touched the icing.

As for her belly issues, they are not getting any better, today we started the fish oils and I am keeping a close eye on her for reactions, and I am praying that she gets some relief, because these 5 am mornings are hard on both of us, as she is in pain...and tired the whole day.  I just hope she will be able to have a BM and not be in pain...the gluten free diet is going well, she even eats the goat cheese *gags* LOL

Well today is the last swimming lesson, and monkey is sleeping right I should get her up soon and dressed!!

I will post tons more pics of her bday soon


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Addison's Santa picture ~ Merry Christmas

I'm back...

I have missed blogging...and I think now that we are starting this new lifestyle of eating, and Addison is finally in a perfect routine, I will have a bit of time on my hands to blog about our adventures in life :)

This Sunday we are having a celebration - Addison's 1st Birthday party!!!! I swear it was just May 1st 2010 and I found out I was pregnant, and then Dec 23rd 2010 when my water broke, December 25th at 12:34 AM when she came into our lives, and now she is one?? I was told you notice time going by so much quicker when you have a baby, and it is true! We are so looking forward to this Sunday!!

So I have always had stomach issues, and it seems our daughter is the same as me. We don't know anything about Aaron's side of the family, but I know my wonderful West coast family has tummy issues as well. I finally got an appointment with a very recommended Paediatric Naturopath in Orangeville...I got a call for a cancellation appt and I took it!! Dr K (as I will call her) thinks that Addison and I have the same issues with our digestive track and what I eat is passing through breast milk onto her...she had a fancy medical term for it, but after an hour and a half of talking, I totally forget the term. She thinks that treating me, will help Addison. We are going to eliminate gulten from our diet, wheat as well, change few things, and give it a few weeks and see how things progress. Addison has always had poop issues since a little baby. She is on restoralax, and Dr K, Aaron and I agree, we don't want her on this long term so we are going to treat this now and see what helps! Dr K also thinks that this will help with Addison's exceema as well, so that is an added bonus.
Dr K did blood work on me and we are going to find out what I am allergic too and change that in my diet and in turn, with what is passed through my BM will help Addison, as well as she will start eating the same "diet" as us. The whole family is going to make these simple changes and we really hope this will help.
The DR is also going to show me on our follow up appt how to make a rice formula for Addison to drink as she shouldn't be having homo milk. Which I knew, threw her for a total belly issue for 3 days when I tried it. I am at the point where I am done nursing, so the sooner the I am returning to work January 9th. I really hope this transition goes smoothly. I am sure I missed tons of valuable information that she told me, so I must go over the notes she left with me. Also, we are trying a fish oil, and a cream that I will be rubbing on my tummy and Addison's.

I will write more is my favourite time of day right now, playing on the floor with Addison
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