Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feel like we won the lottery

So it looks like the U/S tech at ISIS really fudged up my numbers on my cervix length or I got someone elses results - AGAIN!!

Went to the specialst at Credit Valley Hospital which is affiliated with our OB - and we are at 3.9-4.1! PERFECT the nurse said. I was all worried I would not get answers, and right after your u/s you go see the nurse and she said it was perfect! The U/S from my 20 week one at ISIS said 2.5!! BIGGGGG difference!

Anyway, feels like we won the lottery and I am back to my happy self :) Baby is crazy active today, and that makes mommy smile!

ALSO - My Mom came with me to my u/s and she got to see the baby and the baby yawning!! So cute - Best moment :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

So I felt kinda funny walking into my appt at the OB office today.
I know I should always trust my feelings, I should know that by now.

So the OB I saw today (team of Ob's at our ob office) asked how I was feeling, I mentioned that I have a bit of on and off tightening in my uterus, nothing horrible, just wanted to mention it. He said I see here on your 20 week U/S your cervix length is at 2.5Cm's, and 4Cm's is normal which could mean bed rest, he was going to refer for an u/s and see and my placenta is low...and he said lets listen to your baby (h/b is 129 woohoo) and he said he was going to get a referral for an u/s this week - I expecting him to come back because by then I was in tears and wanted a few questions asked...and he did not come back. The nurse came in and said your u/s is here at the hospital on Thursday at 2. I asked "is my apt over?" and she said I got up in a fog and walked out - of course, called Karolyn in a panic and K said to call the OB office and try and get an apt with my OB or get him to call me. I have left 2 messages, one with reception, and she said she is going to get the nurse to call me and I also left a message for the nurse...

At my 20 week u/s the u/s tech said everything was great...and now this?? Part of me wants to see the name on the u/s results because I have had other patients results before...and I don't trust many Dr's unfortunately.

So here I home...waiting patiently, NOT GOOGLING anything...and enjoying the baby kick....

All I want is some answers...feel like I did for the past three years not having any answers...sigh....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just pictures...

A few people have asked for photos - I post most of them on FB...
Here you go :)

23W 2D

Our fur baby :) Can't forget about her, they both got new mice today!!

A gift from our wonderful friends/family :) This baby is already getting spoiled :) LOVE IT :)

Mommy could not resist - The other one says "Mommy loves me"

Gift from Grandma :)


Meme and the baby bump - her fav spot in the house :) Sleeping on Momma :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

L&D At Credit Valley

I spent a few hours in L&D last night - Went there because when I called the OB office, it is basically attached to L&D at Credit Valley and they said to come in.

Around 7 PM I started getting these horrible pains on my right side, and into my abdomen, and they got progressively worse, and it felt like I was going to be when I called L&D they said to come and and would check me out - Of course I was in tears the whole way to the hospital, in fear of loosing my miracle.

They took me in right away, hooked me up, tried to find a fetal h/b with the things they wrap around your tummy when you are in labour, but the wonderful nurse said she couldn't find it with those, not to worry because they are ment for later in your pregnancy, and she went and got a doppler, and found it right away...that was the longest 5 minutes of my life!!!!!! Tears streamed down my face when she found it.

No contractions, thank god, they think I pulled a muscle on my right side and it is a combo of that and ligament pain because of the way I am carrying...

Still in lots of pain today...took one tylenol because I could not sleep last night

Oh and I had my lovely 1st internal...cervix is closed tightly :) It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be...

Can ligament pain be this bad??

Also - On a positive note, I loved the nursing staff and the hospital...since we will be back there in earlier...

Saturday, September 11, 2010


So we finally narrowed our choices down for a girl's name and boy's name :)
Both start with "A", and that is all your getting :)
We are keeping our choices a secret until that wonderful day when baby bean Harris will enter our lives and we will fall in love all over again :)

I am so looking forward to meeting our miracle and feeling that instant love connection...the next few months I hope fly by!

So it looks like everyone thinks boy, and I am one of the only ones who think we are having a girl. Aaron thinks boy too - and usually, he is right! We will see! Whatever our miracle child is, we will be over joyed!

All the items we registered for are on sale this weekend!!! Oh how I would love to go on a shopping spree...I guess that would mean getting showered today LOL

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quick update

Today we are 22 weeks and 4 days...I can't believe it! Time is flying by.

We started clearing out the closet in the baby's room, took us a good few hours, because you know one chore leads to another, leads to another. Next step is paint, finding that darn Beatrix Potter Fabric...and bring the crib and bookshelf/change table up :)

The baby is super active...loving every minute of it...a wonderful friend of ours dropped off a gift basket for baby to be :) Full of diapers, body wash and cream :) It was very sweet of her.

Sounds like my Sister really wants to throw a shower for from what I have been told, it will happen in November...Kinda glad I know, so I can be prepared and not show up in jeans

Aaron has felt the baby move a few times...when you can actually see my belly moving, the baby stops...and he misses

So question - Lets see what you readers think I am having...girl or boy??

Some days I feel girl, and others I feel boy, and when I had a was a boy in the car seat...should be interesting to see what you all think...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September already??

Feels like it was just May 1st and I got my BFP after over 30 failed cycles...I can't believe that it is Sept already. January will be here before we know it, and we will finally meet our little miracle and find out if the little bean that loves to dance in my belly is a boy or a girl...

Nothing huge to report...the ob uped my due date to Jan 9th, but bean will come when he/she is ready. The heart beat was 155 on my last OB appt on Monday. After my next OB in 4 weeks we go to bi-weekly appts...time goes by too quickly.

I have two good friends that have been TTC for quite a while, and I wanted to send out a note saying you both are in my thoughts daily, and I hope your BFP's are around the corner...thinking of you two girls always...