Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear baby...

Dear Baby Harris...

Mommy & Daddy had a fun filled day yesterday hosted by your Grandma and Aunt Jessica. We celebrated your impending arrival with close family and friends. You were spoiled...and everyone loves you so much already and can't wait to meet you...but not as much as Mommy and Daddy...

I still remembers the day I found out I was pregnant - complete shock and utter excitement...we had waited for 3 years to get pregnant and finally we are finally blessed with you...I will never forget the day we had our first U/S - May 14th...tears filled our eyes as we watched you in my belly and your heart flicker away...that was hands down the best day ever ...knowing you were growing and thriving made our lives...we were so ecstatic we drove right up to Grandma's to show her your first picture...she was thrilled as well. Grandpa was on business but of course we emailed him your picture.

We had lots of U/S's and it was super exciting watching you grow inside me.

We decided not to find out your gender - I have flip flopped and am still not convinced either way if you are a boy or a girl...Daddy thinks girl...:). Be warned, if you are a girl, Daddy has huge fishing plans for you, no matter if you are a girl or a boy...his eyes sparkle when he talks about the future with you in our lives...Daddy is over the moon waiting for you...

We went on holidays for a week to Kincardine and that is when every afternoon I could feel flutters and looked forward to it...August 13th I felt your first kick...I was at work, and cried...feeling you kick and squirm makes mommy so happy and calm knowing your healthy and growing belly is also another sign how well you are doing.

Today I am 34 weeks and 1 day pregnant and Daddy and I have your room all ready, lots of clothes and diapers all set. We want you to stay put as long as as big and healthy as you can!!

If I could wish anything for you right now, it would be to be healthy and happy. Healthy is the most important...we have lots of life's little lessons we will teach you and instill along the way.

Daddy and I are so looking forward to meeting you, looking into your eyes and falling more in love with our blessing. We can't wait to hold you in our arms and protect you and love you. Looking forward to bath-times, reading, Sunday family dinners, excited

Mommy is in tears just thinking how wonderful our lives are going to be with you here - finally a family we dreamed of for years...we love you beyond words...look forward to finally meeting you...xoxo love always and forever, Mommy...and Daddy
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update from OB

I was very nervous walking into this appointment today. 

I saw a different OB than our regular one.  He was very nice as well.  He said the placenta is in a good place, no need for a c-section – but, the U/S tech noted we have a large baby and he said around 36-38 weeks I will be sent for another u/s to check the weight of our little monkey, to make sure I can birth the baby LOL – So really we did not get an answer yet…but nothing is for sure with labour and delivery…we will have to wait and see


H/B was 145 this time


Baby is wonderfully active – Love my monkey and feeling all these movements and kicks


Gained 3 lbs in the past 2 weeks, but I have been eating less, less room and not as hungry


Baby is still head down woohoo


Our shower is this Sunday – SOOOO excited to see everyone!!!


Oh yes – Still totally undecided when my last day of work will be….





Friday, November 19, 2010

32 weeks 5 days

It's getting closer :)

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happier since leaving

I have a friend who is thinking of leaving “the site” due to the attitudes of others, which happened to me as well when I got my natural BFP. 

I have to get this off my chest as I have been feeling it for a while now.


A blog entry from one of the women on the site said she had been through more than me so she deserved a BFP more…due to IVF…we always said from the get go, we were not sure we were willing to try IVF due to personal reasons and our unexplained IF.

Who really thinks one person over another deserves a BFP, and just because you did IVF, does not mean I do not deserve to achieve the dream we are all trying to reach.  You don’t know my past, and I do not know yours…so who would I be to judge who deserves it more?


This brings me back to why I left the site.  I found it was emotionally draining, and harder to be there.  I changed as a person on that site, to a person I did not like.  I hated being mad and upset all the time…or should I say “cranky”.  I did not want to be that person anymore…yes I got my natural BFP…but I honestly think it is because I finally stopped trying and moved on.  After 32 cycles I gave up thinking about sex as just as a way to get pregnant.  I focused on other areas of my life and I was happier.  I found the site towards the end was just bitching sessions and I did not want a part of it.  I cannot forget the good parts of the site, my amazing friends that I have made and still keep in touch with.


What I am trying to say is I am much happier now that I have cleared my head of all the non-sense on the site – maybe it is because I got my BFP, maybe I would have adopted and felt the same way…Either way I am much happier now and don’t feel so down and “cranky”


And to anyone who I upset while I was suffering from IF, and my attitude towards you changed for the worse, I am sorry if I upset you…that was not my intention (Cindy xo)

Monday, November 15, 2010

So the nurse called back...

She said it looks like the placenta has moved, but a final decision will be made by our OB – and our next appt will be on Nov 23rd – so we will have to wait until then – and I figure they will send me for another u/s around 36 weeks so we won’t really have a decision until then.  As long as baby is healthy, that is all that matters…


Having a super emotional day, must be the hormones….

Saturday, November 13, 2010

5.1 lbs :)

So 2300 grams equals 5.1 lbs :). I assume that is an estimate...
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Friday, November 12, 2010


The nurse said the placenta is right beside the babies head and it is low, she said it could go either way - I will call my ob on Monday as there computers are linked to the no answer as of yet...
She didn't even let me see the baby or give me a picture...but she said the baby is 2300 grams!?!

Heading home...
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tomorrow is the big U/S

Might not seem big to most, but to us, this is a big appt.  This U/S will decide if we need a c-section or we can have a normal delivery.

I am really hoping for a normal delivery.  I want that moment of the baby being born and being placed on my chest and finding out the gender.  On the other hand, I hate blood, so maybe a c-section where the drape is up, I would be okay with.  I know either way, as long as our miracle gets to us healthy, I am good with.  I am at peace with either at this point.  I have known people that have had normal deliveries and people who have had c-sections, all have healthy babies


Excited to see how much our little one has grown.


Oh yes, and next person who says “you must be due at any time” might get a smack!!  It is just the way I am carrying, I do not even look pregnant from behind


I am flip flopping on names – I think we will bring our names with us to the hospital and see what this miracle looks like!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Great OB appt again

It makes me feel on top of the world when I have a wonderful OB appt.

H/B was 170 again – makes me think girl, seems to go up and down – OB said because my baby is so active the h/b was up

My blood pressure was excellent

Gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks, right on target

We have our last u/s this Friday – really hoping Aaron can get the time off work – to see if the placenta moved and we can have a normal delivery, I really do not want a c-section…

The OB said we can find out the sex and weight at this appt – but we have waited this long, we will keep the sex a secret…but excited to hear the weight, Dr. Smith said about 3 lbs right now J

The baby is also still head down, DR said he/she shouldn’t move or turn around anymore – woohoo – and he/she is curled up on my left side, that is why I feel all the kicks, punches etc on my right side J

Less than 9 weeks until our EDD!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hospital tour and biweekly OB appts

Today we hit 31 weeks - still can't believe we are finally pregnant!! It hit me the other day, I am going to be a Mommy, and Aaron is going to be an amazing Daddy...

We have our tour of Credit Valley L&D tomorrow night, looking forward to it, maybe it will sink in that we could be there in 9 weeks, give or take!

I am not nervous of the labour, I might change my mind once the pain hits, but right now, I am super excited and I know I have to go through labour to finally meet our miracle...still don't have a feeling either way if the baby is a girl or a boy...I keep flip flopping...

We are now on biweekly OB appts :).

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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Testing posts by email :)
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Been a while...

Time is flying by, and with no internet at home, I am finding it hard on my BlackBerry to update our blog. Sometime the BB lets me, and other times it won’t.

We are almost 31 weeks pregnant this Sunday!! 9 Weeks until our miracles EDD!!!!
We basically have everything ready, nursery, car seats installed, a few outfits, a BEAUTIFUL outfit from Mexx to bring the miracle home in, and diapers etc…All we need is the baby now J We are both getting so excited.

Our shower is coming up, so excited to share our joy with most of our friends and family. I have also learned who our true friends are. I was really upset my Oma wasn’t coming to our shower, as this is her first great grandchild, but when I learned a few of our close friends (thought we were close) weren’t either, that really hurt, and has taught me to take a step back, and learn who our true friends really are. It is not about the gifts, but celebrating our miracle with us…We took so long to get here…I know it might not seem like a lot to some people, but it means a lot to Aaron and I.

The baby is kicking so strong these days, it is amazing, even in the middle of the night when the little monkey wakes me up; I wake with a smile on my face. I am really enjoying my pregnancy and I think I will really miss being pregnant, I have never felt better…but sooooo excited to finally meet the little monkey and find out if it is a girl or boy